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A clean and easy-to-use
e-application using
your rules
and done your way.

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Flexible and Intuitive

With a simple and intuitive user experience, you can easily guide Agents through the application process.

Powerful questionnaire setup

Turns complex applications into a simple guided experience.

Highly Customizable

Quickly release simple term or complex universal life solutions with both Part 1&2 questions.



Ready to go out of the box

Out of the box the e-application system has a complete set of features to provide your agents with a powerful yet easy-to-use tool. The system includes multi-language, multi-sub company, and multi-geography support and is easily branded to your company’s guideline. A progress tracker, demographic and product fields, health questions with cascading sub-questions and API-connectivity to the ProCloud illustration system to eliminate duplication are incorporated in the template. It can implemented as publicly accessible or with agent sign-on.

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No customer or personal data shown.

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Powerful yet easy

Our intuitive design provides a questionnaire with cascading questions tailored to your product rules, flowing from results of previously answered questions. Complex applications such as universal life with part I and/or part II questions are simplified using a guided approach. Error-correction, feature control and context specific questions and screens are managed by a powerful no code/low code configured business rules engine using rules established by your product team. Can be configured for both Agent and Direct-to-Consumer environments.

No customer or personal data shown.

Business Analytics

Our analytics log includes step-through time tracking that can be used to detect anti-selection as well as activity logging to determine which questions cause application drops. Learn how users interact with all of the features. Seamlessly pass data from illustration system to e-app to back-end.

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Robust API connectivity

Automatically integrates with the ProCloud illustration system and easily connects to other illustration systems that are API-enabled. Easy connection to back-end systems such as underwriting engines including data and completed application form.

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Get a tour of E-Application

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Access powerful real-time graphs, charts and reports from the analytics dashboard. Learn what products are being illustrated and sold, what product features are trending and what client and product data the field is accessing.

Never miss a product launch again

Go from 0 to 100 in no time, we work with you to hit your product target goals.



2 - 4 weeks

Joint team reviews product documentation, establishes scope and project timeline.



2 - 3 months

Train your staff. Define your insurance plans. Design reports. Finalize technical rules.



3 - 6 months

Set up insurance plans. Develop custom interface and functionality. Implement reports. Testing. Release.




Continual improvement model: product change and functional enhancements.

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Simple and intuitive to use
Ready to go with no code/low Code configuration
Supported on mobile, desktop and cloud
Business insights with corporate data analytics
Fully integrates with your systems or ours
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